Join us for the 2017 National Air Quality Awards to celebrate the successes of industry, local authorities, transport and technology providers in driving down air pollution and improving air quality.

The challenges faced in tackling air pollution have been in stark focus during 2017, with the importance of tackling the health and environmental challenges posed by the UK’s air quality high on the national news agenda.

The 2017 National Air Quality Awards will recognise the efforts of individuals and organisations whose efforts have contributed to work to improve air quality.


Local Authority & Public Sector Air Quality Initiative of the Year
This award is given to the local authority, group of local authorities or public sector organisation(s), who have delivered an air quality project or programme which can be shown to be having a demonstrable effect on air quality. Results could, for example, reflect the level of emissions being reduced or could refer to the use of different transport modes or other actions. Councils and organisations should show how they played a part in the programme, although entries with the involvement of private sector partners will also be eligible for this category.

Innovation in Air Quality Technology sponsored by Mercedes-Benz & Fuso
Recognising that technology has an important part to play, this award is given for the product or innovative process which is seen as producing a notable benefit in moving to better air quality. The award could be given to the producer or designer of a component or, for example, or mitigation technologies for emissions. Entrants could come from a wide range of sectors or from individual companies producing technological solutions.

Passenger Transport Air Quality
This award goes to an organisation in the public or private sector, or across both, which can demonstrate how a passenger transport initiative has improved air quality in a locality or larger area. This could include work across transport methods or for one specific transportation method. Judges will also assess the cost benefits of the programme and its potential for uptake elsewhere.

Freight Transport Air Quality Initiative of the Year
This award goes to an organisation in the freight or haulage sector which can demonstrate a successful campaign to reduce emission across its fleet. This could include work across transport methods or for one specific transportation method. Judges will also assess the cost benefits of the programme.

Leader in Low Emission Vehicles
This award will recognise efforts by a vehicle manufacturer to develop or supply the market for low emission vehicles, for a development which shows that progress is being made in cutting the emissions from a specific vehicle, or for the introduction of an alternative vehicle or range of vehicles. Judges may also take into account the general approach of the manufacturer as well as the proportionate impact in the automobile sector that is likely to be achieved.

Air Quality Communications Initiative of the Year
This award is open to organisations in the public, private or third sector, which can demonstrate a successful public engagement campaign or development of a communication tool aimed at raising awareness of the causes and impact of air pollution to the general public or customers. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate a strong level of engagement with the target audience.

Commercial Sector Air Quality Initiative of the Year
This award is open to an organisation or joint initiative in the private sector, demonstrating an innovative project to reduce the air pollution impact of its business or operations on the local environment. This could include work by a business in the construction sector, a retailer, waste management or other sectors.

Air Quality Champion
This award is given to an individual of any age or vocation who has played a very notable role in helping towards the goal of improved air quality. This entry will not be constrained by the number of years the individual has been involved with air quality, but they as individuals should have carried out actions that can be seen to have played a leading part in the activities involved whether through one single activity or over a period of time.

How Do I Enter? 

It’s really simple to enter, your time is important and that is reflected in the entry criteria. To submit your award all we require is a 500 – 750 word summary along with any supporting material you wish to submit.

Each entry can be submitted in up to two categories, but you can submit as many entries as you wish. Click the categories button to find your best fit!

To enter an award, please click the enter button and begin your entry. Please be aware that you cannot save, so view the criteria and draft your entry before completing the online form.

Download the top tips booklet here.


The Evening’s Agenda

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